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Owen HarrisPresident
Owen grew up playing baseball in the Manly-Warringah area with a family name synonymous with baseball on the Northern Beaches.

Owen is a Level 3 accredited coach and has coached at Forest for a number of years, as well as being appointed as the Manly Little League All-Stars coach for the last two years. Owen also plays for Forest senior teams in both summer and winter competitions and has served as Vice-President (Summer League) on the Manly-Warringah Minor League committee.

When he is not at the baseball grounds, Owen also…actually, no he’s always at baseball.

Dave TuckwellRegistrar
Dave has been involved with Forest Baseball Club as a senior player and a junior coach for over five years. Dave’s role as registrar is focused on junior recruitment and team formation. Dave was appointed registrar for his unique set of skills – namely weapons grade logistics expertise. He pivot tables like no-one’s business.

In addition to his junior registrar role, Dave is responsible for senior registrations, and together with Forest’s designated senior coordinators is tasked with creating a seamless integration for the club’s juniors into senior baseball.

There is nothing that Dave doesn’t know. He would be good at trivia nights.

Mike BeaumontSecretary
Mike has been involved with the Forest club for a number of years as both a senior player and a coach.

Mike’s role involves looking after club policy and administration and he acts as a delegated authority as Forest’s representative to the Manly-Warringah Junior Baseball League.

Mike lives to take minutes and document actions. When he isn’t ‘Secretarying’ for the club, Mike likes to put together COVID safety policies and risk assessments. He does not however volunteer to be designated driver at committee meetings.

Jen RussellTreasurer
Jen was appointed club Treasurer in early 2018 and is responsible for all financial matters for Forest Baseball.

Jen has been involved with the club for a number of years and has a black belt in financial ninja. A lady of very few words, she gets the job done, no mess, no fuss. Sometimes, you don’t even know she’s there. It’s a little scary.

Jen also has a huge input into our Forest Futures program, ensuring our youngest and newest members are looked after.

Deny RhatiganGear and Uniform Assistant
Deny is always the first to put his hand up to help. Apart from his committee role, Deny has been instrumental in getting new adult players to the club to try baseball for the first time.

Deny is from Oldham in the UK, a place with a football club with the same logo as our major sponsor (an owl). It was his destiny to join Forest. There are whispers that he may have represented England in some form of martial art, but no-one is game to ask him about it.

Luke BurletGear and Uniform Manager
Luke has been involved with Forest Baseball Club as both a senior player and a junior coach for a number of years and has years of experience assisting on committees for both schools and sporting clubs.

As uniform and gear manager Luke is responsible for getting our players on the field, looking like ballers and playing with the best equipment available. He also has a brilliant set of brightly coloured tags for the kit bags and uses terms and acronyms laypeople do not understand.

Luke supports the Blue Jays, but it’s OK, we all make bad life choices sometimes.

Joe WellerSenior Coordinator
Joe has been actively involved with Forest Baseball Club for a number of years, both as a junior coach and a senior player and manager.

His baseball knowledge is invaluable to the club, evidenced by him being recognised by his former club (Ryde Hawks) as their first ever inductee into their Baseball Hall of Fame.

In his role as senior coordinator, Joe is responsible for facilitating the progression of our junior players into senior baseball, as well as placing new players into appropriate grades in senior competitions.

Joe’s the sort of guy every club wishes they had. However he is not good at climbing on a roof.

Position vacantFacilities Manager
The club is currently seeking a team of volunteers to assist with ground maintenance on an ad hoc basis.
Dave KruhakSponsorship Manager
Dave is a senior player and manager with the club and ‘probably’ the best junior assistant coach in baseball. When not playing and coaching, Dave is out looking for sponsors to help grow the club and fund facility and equipment upgrades for our players.

Unlimited enthusiasm, outstanding playing ability, superb coach and immaculately groomed – this guy may just be the perfect human specimen. Best not to stand next to him in photos.

Andrew LogueJunior Development / Senior Coordinator
Andrew has been involved at Forest for many years, both as a junior player, a senior player and as a junior coach. Andrew is instrumental in running our Sporting Schools program which introduces baseball to school children within the Forest area. In 2021/22 he will be taking up the role of Senior Coordinator and ensuring our junior players transition seamlessly across to seniors.

Andrew operates under the radar, quietly getting the job done and ensuring those around him are having fun playing baseball. He is an unspoken hero of our club. If you could bottle his blood, you would. It would be green.