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Q:          Is this a representative program?

A:           No, this clinic is open to EVERY player. It is designed to allow any player keen to learn how to pitch and catch gain the correct technique and confidence to pitch or catch in a game.


Q:          What age groups does it cover?

A:           The sessions are primarily designed for players in Zooka through to Little League Major (roughly dates of birth: 1 September 2009 – 31 August 2013). However older and younger players are welcome to enter EOI and we will be in touch to discuss.


Q:          What are the dates?

A:           Sunday, 18 July 2021 through to Sunday, 5th September 2021 form 9am to 11am.


Q:          How long will the sessions be?

A:          Sessions will be run in 30-40 minute sessions from 9am to 11am. We will accommodate time requests where possible.


Q:          How much does it cost?

A:           The program is free to Forest juniors thanks to diamond sponsor Sapere Valuation.


Q:          Do I have to have to play for Forest to participate?

A:           Yes. In order to be eligible to participate, you need to have registered to play Summer 2021/22 with Forest Baseball Club.


Q:          Who are the coaches?

A:           The sessions will be led by Manly Futures and Junior League representative coach Sean Chivers. Sean has accepted the role of club pitching coach and will be providing tuition and advice to our Little League throughout the summer. Sean will be assisted by other experienced Forest coaches.


Q:          I’m a coach / parent that would also like to learn how to instruct pitching – can I attend?

A:           Absolutely! We encourage all our parents and coaches to attend and participate. The key goal of the program is to ‘coach the coaches/parents’ such that they can reinforce the proper mechanics when conducting bullpens at home or at training.


Q:          What happens after the 8 week program is finished?

A:           Each player will leave with an arm care program and training regime to improve their pitching at home/training. In addition, Sean Chivers will attend trainings throughout the season to reinforce the pre-season fundamentals. Sean will also be available to conduct further private tuition throughout the season in one on one or small group trainings (for a fee).